Mariachi 'L'


Ages range from 11 to 21 years old

All the members of MARIACHI 'L' play more than one instrument.
 (including instruments not used in traditional mariachi music)  


 8 members play guitar    5 do vocals   5 play violin    2 play saxophone   2 play electric bass

2 play guitarron   2 play trumpet   2 play flute  1 plays drums   2 have co-written a song (music & lyrics)

The members of MARIACHI 'L' are familiar with various genres of local culture music including Mariachi, Country and a touch of Easy listening instrumental music as well. The instrumentation of the group varies with the song being played but is basically: 1 trumpet, 1 guitarron (bass-like instrument), 1 vihuela (small high-pitched guitar) and any combination of up to 5 violins, guitars or flutes depending on the song.  Since we are from the heart of Texas, our uniforms have a western touch to reflect this. We have traditional Mariachi "trajes" with western style boots and "Texas" belt buckles. We have also worn western style ties.


MARIACHI 'L' is under the direction on Mr. Pete Moreno of MARIACHI LOS PARIENTES DE PEDRO MORENO.  He instructed the members of MARIACHI 'L' in 2003 and he and members of MARIACHI LOS PARIENTES have been instructing them continuously since 2005.  Mr. Pete Moreno is a tremendous arranger as well, and has worked and continues to work with University, High school and middle school level students as well as private groups.  He has guided them to programs, workshops and competitions where they were showcased, have assisted and/or have won various awards.